…that awkward moment in Quidditch when the seekers are asked if they’ve found the Golden Snitch yet and the Gryffindor kid (who is the best dressed kid IN THE WORLD OF EVER) hesitates and then reaches into his pocket and deadly seriously pulls out an imaginary snitch and hands it to the actor.

Distance: 1.3m run + 0.5m walk + 0.7m run
Weather:16C. Allegedly.

so that was kind of the run that wasn’t.

Not sure what happened. I’ve never been particularly good at exercise in the morning and today I just sort of died halfway. I suspect it’s a combination of not being properly warmed up, and not being very well hydrated, and the sun being more direct (even when there’s cloud coverage); plus I haven’t run for a week.

Of course if I ever want to run a marathon I will have to find solutions for all those things; and maybe in fixing those things I will be better at running in the afternoon as well. I can only learn, right?

Distance: 2.6m/4.1km
Weather: 21C. beautiful clear late afternoon.
Mood: fabulous, actually, thanks for asking!

I’m getting there. Getting there. I feel like I could probably do a 5k run but I’m just going to increase my distance slowly for now, play it safe. (Also, I seem always to get nervous before I run these days, like I’m about to do some great feat. huh?)

(Incidentally I’m running about 11 minutes/mile. Determined only to check this maybe once a month, though…)

one month of no shampoo!!
(and one week post-bicarb wash!)
just realised I have nearly attained a John Green Level of Puff here.

one month of no shampoo!!

(and one week post-bicarb wash!)

just realised I have nearly attained a John Green Level of Puff here.


Distance: 2.0m/3.3km
Weather: 18C. Cloudy, overcast, etc., and a wee bit windy. ahh, feel that breeze cooling your sweat… :)

I had a sick day couple of days sick week last week and didn’t run at all, and I felt kind of bad because my commitment for that week was to go running 5 times. oh well. I think the break did my body good. I ran the same distance as my last run but I this time I enjoyed all of it.

Which is what this is all about, isn’t it? Running for enjoyment. Mind you, the first thing I do when I get home is check google maps to see how far I ran… knowing my distance, and improving on it, is part of the joy in this early stage.

oh hey that’s actually my face. weeuurrhed.


The first pic is 4 days after Last Ever Shampoo. As you can see my hair is slick. It was almost an actual hairstyle, like, 1940s gangster.

The second pic is about 19 days after Last Ever Shampoo? In the meantime it’s been bicarbed, dyed, and bicarbed. (This is 6 days post bicarb. yeah. I now have a folder on my computer with lots of photos of me captioned ‘3 days post shampoo’, ‘5 days post bs 1’, ‘4 days post bs 2 post dye’. It’s gotten a bit… weird.) ANYWAY I think it looks pretty great.

So with the bicarb I’m just whacking about a tablespoon in a couple of cups of water and sloshing it over my dry hair before I have a shower. It seems to be working pretty well in terms of removing grease without making my scalp over-produce oil; I think it’s also reduced the flatness of my hair even when itisgreasy.

But, I am now entering the stage of dandruff. seriously, ew, gross. So I was looking at options for ‘no poo’ dandruff removal and I think I’m going to just try rinsing my hair in cold water after bicarbing it.


Distance: 2.0m/3.3km
Weather: 21C. Cloudy, overcast, etc.

acwrdvgfewqgd I ran two miles! whoo!

…and oh I did not enjoy that. Towards the end, anyway. I know winter’s going to end and I will have to adjust to running in “warmer” weather but for now even an extra five degrees is like - bleh.

But whatever! Because I ran two miles! And tonight, I’ll marathon Merlin (PUN INTENDED) so really, I win all round.

Day: ?? I forget. I will probably stop with this bit now.
Distance: 1.7 miles/~2.7km
Conditions: I can tell you - it’s 16c and wet on the ground
Soundtrack: zilch

Really loving running without a soundtrack. And today I ran up a small hill. (The key word beingsmall. It was steep, but it was over very quickly). I’ve noticed I’m less likely to die after each run now. But I think perhaps I haven’t quite got the hang of the forefoot strike - which is one of the reasons I’m going barefoot in the first place. I think I tend to slap my whole foot down. So tomorrow I’m going to start slow, and try and get it right.

Listen to me. I’m becoming a running-nerd.


I got myself an early birthday present!

By now we should all know that The Shoebox Project is my favorite fic ever. (If you haven’t read it, do yourself a favor.) So I had it bound into a book. It ended up being 719 pages, and none of the images are in color (but thankfully not many of the images need color anyway) but it’s amazing and I’m so pleased with the result.

Of course all credit for the writing and everything else goes to Jaida and Rave - we wouldn’t have this fantastic thing without them. Also a big personal thanks to Marlowe for introducing me to this fic in the first place, and to Katy for giving me the idea to have it bound. So thanks again to all of you.

…it’s subversive. You’re running barefoot - there’s something wrong with you. It just doesn’t fit the mold of what you should be doing - “You’re putting yourself at danger” - you certainly don’t have all the social markers of being affluent - “Where’s your brand?” - “You’re dirty”…
Barefoot Ted McDonald,
on misconceptions people have about barefoot running
most of my bones are sentimental

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